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Thai Street Food: A Photo Essay

Thai Street Food: A Photo Essay

There’s no doubt that Thailand has great food. From northern to southern Thai dishes–everything I tried was delicious. But for those who are a bit less adventurous, like everywhere else in the world you can also find non-Thai food in Thailand.

You can maybe even find that food you’ve been craving…

dunkin donuts Thailand

That chain that you haven’t seen anywhere else in the Eastern hemisphere…

Au Bon Pain Thailand

And of course, that chain you can find on almost every street corner… (Only here Ronald will be greeting you with a polite “wai”.)

Thai Ronald McDonald

But the real interesting part of Thai cuisine is their street food culture.

Every day we spent in Thailand we couldn’t walk more than a block without seeing someone selling food from a pushcart or a bicycle. Street food is totally different in Thailand than it is in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, etc. and it seems to play a much more important role in daily life.

Street food is such a big part of Thai culture, that I decided to do a photo essay on it.

Thai Street Food: A Photo Essay

Pushcart vendors would be selling anything from drinks to fried squids. The most commonly seen vendors were selling pancakes or fresh fruits.

Thai Pancakes

Buying Thai fruits

Thai fruit stand

Foreigners buying Thai street food

An elderly lady pushes her vegetable cart quickly, in order to dodge the heavy traffic.

Cart vendor in traffic

Selling freshly picked rambutan from the back of her truck.

rambutan in a truck

As night falls more substantial vendors appear selling seafood and meats on skewers.

Thai street vendors

Thai street food

You could even find street vendors trying their luck walking the infamous Bangla Road nightlife area.

Vendor in Soi Bangla

And some vendors just opened bars of their own–often out of trucks and large vans.

Impromptu street food vendor

Before leaving Thailand we knew we had to give this street food thing a try. And seeing everyone with these delicious street pancakes made our choice on what to buy much easier. It was just a matter of picking out the right vendor.

Making Thai crepes

Adding fresh Thai banana to the Nutella.

Banana nutella crepe

The finished product–which didn’t go unfinished for long! It was super delicious. Johnny equally enjoyed his mango with honey pancake as well.

Thai crepe

What’s your favorite street food? 


  1. Oooh I’m so hungry now!
    I think one of the main reasons I can’t wait to get to Asia is eating all the seafood and fresh fruit I can get my hands on. And the plus is the price- 1.5 dollars for a pancake? I’ll have two!

    If only they had street gyms as well…
    Yana recently posted…My favorite moments from Ireland – a photo essayMy Profile

    • Oh the fruits, I’m going to miss them so much when I leave! I mean, the US has a pretty good selection, but we don’t get most of the unusual tropical fruits, and those are just the best!

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    You can find many treats when you go eat street foods.
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