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Here is where I’ll be adding all of the Fanta I have found and tried across the world!
Be sure to check back often…knowing me this list will be updated fairly frequently compared to my Kit Kat page.

#1) Nihon no Kajitsu Momo — Japanese Peach (Country: Japan)

Besudesu Abroad

#2) Fruit Punch (Country: Japan)

Besudesu Abroad

#3) Funmix: Cola + Orange (Country: Japan)

Besudesu Abroad

#4) Furu Furu Sheika Gureepu— Furu Furu Shaker Grape (Country: Japan)

*”Furu Furu” is a shaking onomatopoeia in Japanese. When you shake this Fanta, the liquid turns into jelly.

Besudesu Abroad

#5) Sour Green Apple (Country: Hong Kong)

Besudesu Abroad

#6 and #7) Nam Quiew — Green Water (Country: Thailand) and Nam Dang — Red Water (Country: Thailand)

Besudesu Abroad

#8) Masukatto — Muscat (Country: Japan)

Besudesu Abroad

#9) Apple (Country: China)

Besudesu Abroad

#10) Mango (Country: Hong Kong)

Besudesu Abroad

#11) Peach (Country: China)

Peach Fanta from China


Which Fanta would you like to try?


  1. I tried Fanta Kolita in Costa Rica – it was the sweetest drink on earth and to my surprise Costa Ricans drink it as a milkshake with whipped cream!
    Anna recently posted…My Fijian experienceMy Profile

  2. I would love to try Mango! It sounds delicious… In Equatorial Guinea we love Fanta too, but we have the regular Lemon, Pineapple and Strawberry flavors.
    Yana recently posted…My favorite moments from Ireland – a photo essayMy Profile

    • Lemon?! I’ve never seen Lemon Fanta anywhere. I haven’t even tried pineapple, although I do think we have that in the US…

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