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Travels in Translation (previously known as Besudesu Abroad) is a top-rated travel resource featuring stories from around the world. The niche content of this site aims to translate culture in a fun and meaningful way to readers in order to foster cultural tolerance and a sense of connection.

A major part of this website focuses particularly on Asian culture due to Beth’s background. However, when traveling outside of Asia, Travels in Translation seeks to report aspects of Asian culture found abroad or interpret a destination’s own local culture.

This site receives over 30,000 page views per month from over 150 different countries. Currently, the strongest following is in the US, Hong Kong and Japan respectively. Travels in Translation readers are predominantly open-minded, culturally sensitive, and socially responsible individuals with university degrees, aged 21-40.

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Marketing Solutions

Travels in Translation offers a variety of creative marketing solutions with competitive, but flexible, rates. Ways we can work together include:

  • Press trips coordinating with the themes of this website
  • Native advertising for your product or service*
  • Becoming an official partner of the website
  • Competition hosting and product giveaways*
  • Listings in the Travel Shop, following a review of the product
  • Social media promotions and consulting
  • Content creation on your website
  • Speaking events

Only travel related content, that matches the tone and values of this website will be considered.

*All content of this nature will be marked with the disclaimer “in conjunction with” for reader transparency.

 Editorial Topics

Apart from creating all editorial content on Travels in Translation, Beth is a contributor to many other freelance outlets. Editorial topics that Beth is known to cover include:

  • ASIA TRAVEL — With a background in Asian culture & language and three years spent living between Japan and Hong Kong, Beth is known as an Asia expert, with a concentration on East Asia.
  • CULTURE VIA LANGUAGE, FESTIVALS & FOOD — As a culture enthusiast, Beth writes about language and acquisition, unique festivals and a destination’s best cuisine.
  • SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL & ECO-TOURISM — It is important now more than ever to be aware of the footprint one leaves when traveling. Education is key to sustainable conservation efforts and preservation of local indigenous cultures.
  • LIVING ABROAD & TEACHING ENGLISH — Some of Beth’s most popular posts revolve around how to teach English overseas or addressing the challenges of living abroad.
  • ACCOMMODATION REVIEWS —With a section devoted entirely to accommodation reviews, Beth will provide honest advice on the best places to stay in particular destinations.
  • #FINDINGASIA CAMPAIGN — From each country visited, Beth produces a guide and accompanying mini-artcles that include where to find Asian culture outside of Asia.

Previous Partnerships

Beth regularly works with travel brands and participates in press trips, often working directly alongside destinations to meet tailored objectives.

All brands partnered with are carefully chosen to match the values of Travels in Translation. This allows for both a targeted brand approach for you and relevant content for the readers this site.

Examples of past partnerships:


About Beth


Beth got her first true taste of travel at age 22 when she moved to Japan for her final year of university. After successfully completing two degrees, one in East Asian Language & Culture with a concentration on Japanese and the other in photography, Beth moved back to Asia to work full-time in Hong Kong. After living there for two years soaking up all she could about the people and culture, she quit her job to travel and freelance full-time.

Since then she’s traveled around various parts of Asia, Europe, Central America, and North America.

You can find a lot more information about Beth on the About Travels in Translation page.

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All information is current as of January 2015