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Bratislava: Europe’s Most Underrated Capital City

Bratislava: Europe's Most Underrated Capital City

Bratislava wasn’t in my original Europe plans. I honestly had never given the city much thought and didn’t know much about it other than we had extended family ties there. But when I was invited to visit as a day trip from Vienna, I thought it would be the perfect chance to explore the city. Arriving by catamaran, the trip ... Read More »

A Town Called Český Krumlov

A Town Called Český Krumlov

Making our way from Prague to Vienna, we wanted to break up the journey so we decided to spend one night in Český Krumlov. All week we had heard people mention this small town, and it seemed like no one had actually been there themselves, but had heard it was a great place to visit. We didn’t really know what to ... Read More »

5 Reasons to Visit Portugal this Winter


Thousands of people flock to Portugal every summer to spend a warm holiday by the beach. But you know when the real magic of Portugal can be seen? In winter.  Surprised, right? Even though Portugal sees thousands of visits each year, a majority never travel there in winter, making it the best time to visit. Tourists will be far and few ... Read More »

Travel Tuesdays: Interview with Natalie of Cosmos Mariners

Travel Tuesdays on Besudesu Abroad

On Tuesdays, Besudesu Abroad would like to feature another really awesome traveler in various forms. Some Tuesdays may be interviews, while other may feature guest posts, videos and more! This week we would like to introduce Natalie of Cosmos Mariners: Destination Unknown. Thanks to Natalie’s parents, she’s been traveling since she was very small. As an adult, she’s continued to travel and learn as ... Read More »

Kutná Hora and the Eerie Church of Bones

Kutná Hora and the Eerie Church of Bones

With Halloween quickly approaching this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about my visit to Kutná Hora! Ever since I had seen photos of the Sedlec Ossuary, I knew it needed to be on my Europe itinerary. This little Gothic-styled church may not seem all that special from the outside, but step inside, and you’ll quickly realize why ... Read More »

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